The Hi-Ox delivers solutions for treating and transporting patients 
with high-flow or high FiO2 oxygen needs: 

Hi-Ox™ High Oxygen Mask
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  • Proven solution delivers higher FiO2’s than any mask, at ANY flow. 
  • Delivering >90% oxygen to severely hypoxic patients is simplified by the design and performance of the Hi-Ox.
  • Proven to deliver >80% oxygen, even at 8 LPM.  
  • Transporting patients who require very high flows is always a problem when typical E-cylinder regulators only go to 10 -15 LPM. The Hi-Ox solves that problem.
  • Discharging high oxygen flow dependent patients. The Hi-Ox solution enables patients requiring high flow oxygen to be discharged sooner to home or hospice centers, making them treatable with oxygen concentrators.

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